Sunday, July 1, 2012

So Happy!

You know those moments when it is like you can fully breathe again. I just had one of those.

I had decided to not worry about my grades for my summer classes because now that the semester is over there is nothing I could do about them. But every time I would log in to see if my teachers had posted them I would hold my breathe. This time I logged in and my grades were posted. But my teachers did not have my final grades posted so I had to go look at my actual transcript to see what I made. I got a B for both classes!!!!!!! I am so happy. No more worries I can look forward to next week with out a pit in my stomach. I will be keeping my Hope Scholarship for the third year in a row and I have also made the Deans list again for the Spring semester!

I hope everyone is having a nice stress free summer!


1 comment:

  1. Ahh I know this exact feeling! Every time grades are about to be posted I freak out and act the same way. I'm always so scared about losing my scholarship, but it always turns out great in the end and Im like "what were you even worrying about?" haha