Monday, April 7, 2014

Ikea Shopping List


Finally a wishlist that I am now turning into a shopping list! We have found a house. I am over the moon excited. I feel like I have been neglecting Eager Emily for the past few weeks. But there has been a lot going on. Along with the house that we are moving into Friday I started a new job today. It seems like everything comes together at once. So I have been a busy bee. And I am itching to get to idea. So I have picked a few things that I am pretty sure we are going to be buying. If not on the first trip then on the second.

1. Lill Lace Curtain- $3.99, I want to get a ton of these. I really want to create a canopy over the bed. Also these would be great to just have on all of the windows. Example: Here & Here

2. KALLAX- $139, This is the new version of the Expedit. I know that has had a lot of people in an uproar. But I think they look similar enough and will do exactly what I want. I am itching to style some shelves like here and here. Weird thing for a 20 something to say, huh.

3. Tarva- $149, I am in need of a new dresser. I really am loving the look of stained top dressers with the bottom painted. Inspiration.

4. BEKVÄM- $14.99, This is such a cute little stool.

5. ASKHOLMEN- $19.99, The house we are moving into has a great screened in porch and I can not wait to fill it up with plants.

6. VITTSJÖ- $139, I have mentioned this before. The hacks of the Vittsjo look fairly simple, but they have a big impact. Like the one here or here. I especially like it when the glass shelves are replaced with wood.