Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Days till Cruise! + finished with summer courses

I have a week till I go on my cruise!!!!! I am so excited about leaving. I have had a very stressful month. If you did not already know I have been taking 2 four week summer courses Persuasion Methods and Strategy and then Communication Research Methods. It was my first venture into the upper level communications classes. They almost kicked my butt. Its crazy when they pack a whole class into a month when it usually takes around 3 months. I also jumped the gun and went for 2 classes that seniors usually take.

The first day of my Research Methods class the teacher asked who out of the class were seniors and had waited to take the class because they had heard how horrible it is. More than half of the class raised their hands. It was a lot of reading but I think that I did pretty good in the end. I have not found out my grade so fingers crossed. We had a big group paper to turn in for the final project and that will take some time to grade.

The real stress was my Persuasion Methods and Strategy class. The first test I did badly on, not a complete bomb but not in my normal A-B range. So that stressed me out and then I had a small group project to do and I am still working on my public speaking. That ended up going really well and we got an A on that project. Then on my second test I did really good and got a B. Also we had a LARGE final project to complete, basically a PR campaign to create for a "social movement." There were 4 people in my group. There were three of us that were communicating through out the semester and we had an idea of what was going on. When we would try to catch the 4th person after class to talk she would completely bolt. After our 2nd test I was able to finally catch her and we all sat down and explained the part we had assigned her. She was very excited about the project and just said she had been busy. So I get home on Saturday (keep in mind our project is due the next Tuesday) and I have a message saying that she dropped the class. (!!!!!!!!stress explosion!!!!!!) The other people in my group were going out of town and had let me know that so I knew that I could not expect them to help. They had already sent their parts to me. So I ended up doing about 75% of the project in a day. It was horrible. But we ended up getting a B on the project.

I'm so glad it is over! I can write more now! And I get to go on my first cruise!!!! We are going to Nassau and Half Moon Cay. I am so excited for my first trip out of the country! I think that it is going to a lot of fun.

Also something that has been helping me recover from my stress and from looking stressed is my Origins GinZing eye cream. I have been noticing lately that I have been getting more creases and lines are starting to form under my eyes. I'm only 20! This should not be happening. But I have heard great things about the Origins GinZing eye cream so while I was at a Macy's I decided to get a sample! I loved this stuff! It has caffeine in it so that it literally wakes your eyes up. However, I was put off by the price tag.... $29.50. That is a lot of money for a college student. Then I remembered that Birchbox has some of Origins products. I looked and I had enough points to get the cream + shipping costs for $5!!!!!! I love the Birchbox points system. I have to say that I think that this eye cream is totally worth it. And a little goes a long way.

Sorry for the lengthy slightly woe-is-me post.
Have you went on vacation already this year? If so, where?
Also if you have not went yet where are you going?


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