Monday, July 23, 2012

Back from Cruise!!!

Hey! Sorry it has been a long time since I posted. I have been back from my cruise for a while now and have been slowly working away at editing my photos.

 It was a lot of fun. I think that it would have been different if I had went with my friends and not my family. It would still be a lot of fun but different experience. My best friends and I have talked about going on one for spring break next year. 

The ship was interesting. You definitely have to embrace the cheesiness of the decor. I really liked watching the shows. Also dinner was amazing. Nassau was really cool, it was their Independence Day and many of the stores were closed. We had intended on taking a walking tour but, when we realized how much walking was involved and how hot it was our plans changed. We ended up going on a tour with a driver named Otis. He was amazing! When you come out of the building they make you come through at the port and there are drivers everywhere wanting to take you on a tours, just ask where is Otis. He was great showed us the real Nassau and was informative about the island. He knew a lot of different facts and let us know about the changes that are going on. One fact that he gave us is that milk is around $8 a gallon. WOW. Half Moon Cay was amazing, I would have stayed there the whole vacation.

I have a lot of pictures! I am going to make a series of posts about the cruise. About the activities we did in the ports and the ship. Also I was thinking about doing a post on how it is traveling with out my boyfriend. I am not sure if that is something y'all would be interested in but let me know. We have been together for 3 and almost a half (August 12th) years!! And I think that it would have been interesting to have read a post on what it is like for a non-single 20 year old on a cruise whose just with family. 

If you have any cruise questions please let me know!!!! 
Look for another post soon! 


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  1. oh my gosh - NO WAY!
    i have never been on a cruise before, but this looks so amazing! i'm glad you had a wonderful time :) hopefully you got a killer tan, too! georgia has got to be hella hot in the summer -- and i thought minnesota was bad! HAAA!