Emily is a the photographer at EV Photography and a graduate from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Art History. Her home town is Dallas, Georgia about 45 minutes from Atlanta, Ga. .....depending on traffic. She has not strayed to far from her hometown and now lives in Marietta,Ga. Just a little bit closer to Atlanta.

Her interests are photography, design, makeup, art history, public relations, and DIY. Photography is what makes her happy. She loves to be able to capture the precious moments around her and document them for the future. Focusing Daily is where she documents her daily life and all things that interest her.

She loves thrifting, antiquing, going to flea markets where ever it is possible to find unique vintage items. She collects Fire King and Pyrex dishes, vintage sheets, old cameras, books and anything/everything in-between. If you would like to check out her Etsy store it is Focusing Daily Photography & Vintage.

                                                         Email: emilyspugh@gmail.com
                                                         Twitter: @emilyvannah

              Please email emilyspugh@gmail.com if address is needed. 

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