Friday, March 28, 2014

Project 52: Week 12

Well it is a little late this week. But I did take the photograph during week 12. I have had a lot going on this week and there are some big changes in my life coming. So trying to deal with what is coming and have time to edit photos has been rough. But the changes are good and I cannot wait to share them with y'all when I can.

This is an Austin A40 Farina. Eventually we plan on restoring it. It will not be a back to factory restoration because at one point it was actually made into a little truck. As odd as that sounds it is really cute and the change was well done. It looks like a mini with the back open. This car is tiny and I love it.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Project 52: Week 11

We enjoyed some wonderful weather this past week. Currently the bad weather is catching back up with us and it is the second day of rain in Dallas. When it was beautiful outside I decided to just take a walk in my backyard and found this little guy. I love these little flowers. I remember being little and making little bouquets of them. I am still really enjoying my 50mm lens. Lately, I have actually had a hard time taking it off my camera. My other lens's are feeling a little neglected. My goal for this week is to post a picture actually not using my 50mm. 

On a side note definitely check out this post by Peta Pixel of the 50 Photography Quotes to Inspire You. One of my favorites is, "Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still" by Dorothea Lange.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vintage Home Haul

 Oh boy I went on another home goods shopping spree. This time I went to an estate sale with Steve. We actually went on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we stopped by and realized we had no cash on us. Which looking back was a horrible idea. We should have went and got cash right then. So I purchased the crazy floral fabric in the last picture for 25 cents and left. When we were there Steve fell in love with a cabinet so we decided to come back on Sunday when everything was 50% off. The items that we really loved ended up not being there anymore. Steve's cabinet and these awesome wire outdoor chairs that I fell in love with were gone. However, we quickly got over our disappointment of those items being gone and found some more goodies. We braved waking up early on the day of the time change and were not going home empty handed. I ended up with a bunch of goodies.

I think that these two pitchers are really classic and would look great with hydrangeas in them. I am not really sure what they are called I think they are referred to as salt glaze, but I am not sure.  If you know the name of pitchers like this please let me know.

Then I found this little guy. I usually do not go for pottery pieces like this, but I like the cloudy gray bit of glaze on the top. There is a mark on the bottom, but it is  not legible.

Then I found these great old maps. The Savannah map is not that old, but the map of Smyrna is from the early 70's. I love the colors in the Smyrna map. And it would look really cool hanging up. Especially in a lucite frame that I found a diy for here

 A neat thing I found on the map was the street that my Great Aunt Edna lived off of.

 Then I picked up a bedspread. It is in really good shape and would look great on my bed.

Then here is the fabric that I picked up on Saturday. It would be cute to make into a little curtain for a kitchen.

With all of the house items if you have been following me for a while you might be wondering if we have finally found a house. Sadly, we have not. Though we are going to look at one on Friday. It has been really frustrating. A lot of people are just not calling us back or not replying to any emails. But I am hopeful that Friday will go well! Also I am getting my hair cut tomorrow too. My super long hair has started to get really annoying. It has been getting caught on things and tangled lately.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project 52: Week 10

Ah Spring. It seems like Spring has come in Georgia. Hopefully this weather will last and not revert back to winter. I am so ready to wear sundresses and go to car shows. On Saturday Steve and I drove around and ended up at the Marietta Square and eating at a new restaurant The Local. The food was great! Then in the middle of the park there were these gorgeous trees blooming with the clear blue sky we had that day the contrast between the pink flowers and the sky really stuck out to me.

I hope the weather where you are is getting better! As always let me know if you have a photo of the day project or a photography blog so that I can follow it! 


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project 52: Week 9

I have to say that I am disappointed with my photo this week. I am going to be honest this is an iphone picture. This week was a lot of fun but, I did not get a chance to bring my camera around with me. Also the places we went to would not be a great place to bring to a DSLR. We went out on Friday to Sweet Water. It was a lot of fun. The Sweet Water Blue ended up being my favorite. I really need to pick up a smaller good quality camera.

I hope you had better luck with your photo projects this week! Please leave me a comment linking to your blog.