Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thift Items!

Yay!  The semester is over! I ended up with 3 B's and 1 A. I do think I could have applied myself more and received more A's but I am happy I keep my scholarship! Alright, now what everyone has clicked for.
 Thrift items:

 I got this amazing etching at Goodwill!!! It is really pretty and signed by Henri Le Riche. I also found a picture on Ebay of a similar print on ebay for $99!! And this one was $7.
 Then I found these rolls of vintage ribbon at another thrift store. It was 3 rolls for a dollar. I got like 9 rolls of ribbon!
 I love the white with the blue and red design.
 Then I also found this really cute table cloth. It seems really Christmas-y but the flowers are not poinsettas so I think I could use it more during the year. It was like $2.

I hope everyone is having a lot of fun getting ready for Christmas!!! I wrapped some presents today and used my vintage ribbons.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Art Prints!

I have added a couple of new Art Prints to the website! I wanted some that had a more fall feel to them with the holidays upon us. I think that the simplicity of the pomegranate in the white bowl is very clean looking and striking at the same time.

Also a new print size has been added! You can now get the art prints in 11x14 for images that you want in a larger size! They are $20 for the art prints. These prints are available at!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to Christmas!


Amazing Eyeliners + Catching up!

Hey guys!!!

Sorry I have been gone for so long. School really started to catch up with me there. Especially today I had a test in all three of my classes today. So rough day. However, I am officially done with 2 of my classes as those were early finals! For the rest of my classes I have a project then for another I have a test and paper due. In the home stretch! I can not wait for the spring to start senior year of college. I am ready to graduate.

 I thought that I would share something that I have loved in November. I actually went and bought two more  after the initial two that I had bought. So now I have 4! =] And will probably be buying more.

The NYX Slide on Pencil is one of my favorite eyeliners now. I initially bought the Jet Black and Golden bronze shades. Then went back and got Brown Perfection and Jewel. They are ridiculously smooth. The Golden Bronze shade is probably the smoothest of them all. I really wish that this was more of a brown bronze because it is probably best described as a copper shade not a bronze. I went for this one because I have wanted a bronze to use underneath the eyes on the waterline. I have not really been using this color for that because it is more red toned. So instead I have been using the Brown Perfection and Jewel there and it works great. The Jet black has become my number one black for lining my eyes.

Jet Black, Brown Perfection, Jewel, Golden Bronze

The liners are $8 a piece and I bought them when Ulta was having a buy one get one half off sale. I highly suggest stocking up on these the next time they have this sell.  I have never owned one of the Urban Decay eyeliners but I have found multiple reviews saying that they are really similar. And you can have 2 of these for what Urban Decay liners cost.


I thought I would share some of my favorite instagram images from November! Making it Insta-ovember =]
If you want to follow me my instagram is emilyvannah, you can follow me here
I hope everyone is as excited for Christmas as I am! I can not wait.