Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cruise Day 1

The Carnival cruise we went on was a 5 day cruise out of Jacksonville, Fl on the ship Fascination. We went to Halfmoon Cay and Nassau. This was my first cruise!!! I know there are other first timers out there or people who have never been on one before so I thought I would go into detail on the 5 days.

Day 1:

We live west of Atlanta in what I guess you could call a suburb of a suburb, basically were in the middle of civilization and the country. So we woke up Saturday morning at 4 a.m. to leave our house to make the ship that we needed to board before 4 p.m. because it shipped out then. I would not suggest doing this. It was stressful my mom kept thinking that we were going to get a flat tire or hit a deer. On the way out we had to drive through Kennesaw Mountain national battlefield and there are always deer along the road there. I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack.

My family is not the drive straight down kind of people, we have to make stops, multiple stops. We stopped for Chikfila and then at least 4 more times at rest stops. We actually arrived on time, our boarding call said that they wanted us there around 12 to get on the ship, and we were early around 11:30. I think that they try to space it out so that people are not rushing all at once to get on the ship.

Now going through the security and customs took maybe 30 minutes. I brought a large back back so that I could carry on important things. Like a bathing suit, change of clothes for dinner, breakable make up, and my actual purse was stuffed in there. I also carried on my camera bag, did not want that to get lost or crushed. An important fact that I did not know was that once in customs you are not allowed to take pictures or be on your cell phone. We found this out when I took a picture of my mom and little brother. But it was nothing more than what you go through during airport security. Also we went ahead and set up our on ship accounts before we arrived so that made the process go a lot quicker.

Once that was over we were able to board the ship. I will say that it is CHEEEEEZZZZYY but once you overlook the cheesiness its alright. I just thought of it like a mini Las Vegas. We explored the ship when we first got on board. Our rooms were on the Empress deck which is the same level as the lobby. There were things that I liked about my room and things I hated. It was my brother and I in the same room and it was an inside room. So when you walked in there was a fake window with curtains and when you opened it there was just plastic behind it. =[ But our room was a handicap accessible room so the bathroom was a little larger and the little hallway was. (If you have a handicap room and there is someone that needs it they will move you, my mom was told that they would move you up not down.)

It takes a while for your luggage to get processed. My luggage came before the rest of my families and we put them on the same cart, initially. My guess is that they moved them around. I would definitely put an extra set of clothes in a carry on.

An exciting thing at least for the ship leaving from Jacksonville is that the ship has to go under the Jacksonville bridge. Apparently if the tide is in(or out??) the water level can be to high for the ship to go under the bridge and you can not get out. It is crazy going under it!! We went up to the highest deck we could get too and watched as we went out of the port. I think that was really need looking at the different houses and boats as we went out.

Afterwards I think we all went back and took a nap, lame I know. But we had all been up since around 4 a.m. Then we went to dinner! Dinner was fantastic. I wish that I had taken pictures of the food for y'all. Then we went and sat outside and watched the water for a while.

Day 2 coming soon!

Also I have bought some Elf lip glosses and the new Revlon whipped foundation to review soon.



  1. oo how exciting!! my brother and aunt have been on cruises and say they love them :D


    1. I think it was really neat because I have never been out of the country so not only did I get to do that I got to see a beautiful beach! And on the ship days there is always something to do.