Thursday, April 25, 2013

Things I love Thursday

1. Highlights with brown hair. I love natural looking highlights. (Photo Credit, found on pinterest, no link)
2. Laurel Heart. Wax Seal Necklace. By RenataandJonathan 
3. Codex Locket, By BHLDN 
4. Photograph by Matt Wisniewski, Just lovely. 
5. Old MG Ad. This weekend Steve and I are venturing to Road Atlanta for our 5th Mitty together. I really enjoy it. Also the feature this year is MG makes me so excited. There will be a lot of little MG midgets running around. (Also found on Pinterest, no link) 
6. Keith Puccinelli's House tour,      Steve is determined that we will have a domed house that sits on acres of land some where in Northwest Ga. I am getting on board. A little bit to gung-ho because I have been searching for land on the internet now.  

What are you loving right now?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things I love Thursday

I really enjoyed the Things I love post over at Poppytalk! I thought I would create my own. Here are some things that I love. Some of them I have, had watched, or really would like.

1. Savannah Embossed Drink Dispenser - I love this! My middle name is Savannah. 
2. The National Parks: America's Best Idea - I spent the last week watching this series on Netflix. It is offered instantly! I love documentary's. I highly suggest this. 
3. Pina Colada Woven Straw Hat Just lovely. 
4. Typee made out of Vintage sheets - I found this image on Pinterest. Sadly there was not a link back to the original post. I want to make one of these. 
5.  Silver LOVE Morse Code silk friendship bracelet - I think that this would make a great present for one of my friends. 
6.  Sketched Floral Dress with Skinny Belt/ $22.80 - I tried this on the last trip I made to the mall. It is lovely and a great price! If I had a spring wedding to go to this would be my dress! 
7. A nature lovers bedroom/ Bedside meet outside - I never would think of a trellis behind a bed. I am not sure if I could do it but I think it is fabulous. 

I hope you enjoyed this! Please go check out the originator of the idea Poppytalk!  


Throw Back Thursday- Self Portrait

I love the "Throw Back Thursday" posts I keep seeing. I am going to tag along and start posting some of my old photography photographs on Thursdays! For this Thursday I thought I would share one of my old self portraits that I did a couple of years ago.

I love this photograph. I did not do an edit on it I actually kept it in B&W mode on my camera and this is what I got! I hope y'all like it.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Photoshoot Inspiration

My best friend Alyssa and I want to do a photo shoot soon. I did a shoot with her last fall and the pictures looked great. So the weather has been so nice outside we can not wait to do another one. I have some ideas for this one. I want an almost vintage/ picnic feel to it. This might be the first try of me staging with props. I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas. I wanted to share some of the ideas and see how y'all feel about them.

I love the hammock!
 I have some vintage sheets that would be perfect for this! I could hang them in the trees.

 I found this image at bash please! I love the laying of the pillows and the lights inside of the crates.

I found this image via Pinterest from Samantha Lamb.  I would love to get some shots of Alyssa with her favorite books. I think that it would add a neat element.

I can not wait until we are able to do the shoot!!!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Terrarium Time!

 Spring is here! I love how everything is starting to turn green again. It just makes me happy. That also means the pollen is out. The pollen count for Atlanta is 8,024. That is extremely high. Literally my car, which has been driven today, looks like yellow snow is in it. My sinuses do not act up a lot but they are now. I decided that I would make my mom a terrarium. I bought this great jar at work months ago with the intentions of making a terrarium. This week I have had a lot of spare time.

 I put that spare time to use making my terrarium. Alyssa came over so I shared my baby plants and she made one with a little jar I gave her. I am not necessarily a plant killer but I do not have a green thumb. Steve's mom can grow just about anything so she gave me some succulents. I did buy one little cactus. I think it is adorable. The thing did poke me a couple of times though.

 Steve's mom gave me this cute old book called The world of Terrariums. I wanted to show you some of the pictures inside of it. I think they are beautiful.

 The book is also really informative. This illustration shows how the interior of the terrarium works!

I hoped you enjoyed this post! If you have a post about making a terrarium let me know and I will check it out! Or if you decide to make one because of this post let me know! I would love to see yours.

If you have time please check out my new post at my other blog Focusing Daily. It is about a really neat album I just made!


Blurb Album

Have you ever made a Blurb book?

I have been wanting to make yearly albums for a long time. As a photographer I believe that photographs should be printed and displayed or kept in a way for future generations. I found out about blurb books actually from searching on Pinterest. I read a post from Wit & Whistle about making travel books and saw that she got them from blurb. Her books look awesome.

After I saw that I could not stop thinking about making them. I couple of weeks ago I caved and made one. The book I made is for the 1st year of my boyfriend Steve and I were together. I went back through a bunch of pictures and tried to put them in order. I decided on the 10x8 book with 22 pages of matte finish premium paper. I also opted for the dust jacket cover instead of the printed or plain cover.The entire book including shipping was $34.18. I did use a coupon code and got $8.72 off. I would highly suggest looking out for their coupon codes!

 I really love the book! I think that I will be making 3 more seeing how Steve and I have been together 4 years now. And will hopefully make more!

Please check out my recent post at Eager Emily about the terrarium I just made!!!


(Blurb has no idea who I am. I was not given my blurb book. I paid for my book with the exception of the coupon code which I found by simply googling blurb coupon.) 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Smashbox It's Your Prime

I got a 20% off coupon in the mail from Ulta. I did not want to spend a ton of money but I can not let a 20% off coupon go to waste. I went to Ulta after class today and got the Smashbox It's Your Prime. The kit is $16 but with my coupon I paid $12.80 before tax. The kit has the Photo Finish Oil Free primer (.4 oz), Photo finish lid primer (.02 oz), and the Photo finish hydrating under eye primer (.17 oz). I have been wanting to try the Photo Finish primer forever! But I can not spend that much when I already have other primers I need to use up. The set is awesome because the normal travel size primer is $15 so the kit is normally $16 and you get to more product samples. Great deal especially with the coupon. I have not tried these products so I will review them after a week or so of trials.

I will let you know what I think! If you have already tried some of these products let me know! If you have any products that are similar I'd love to know too. I saw the NYX version and I was thinking about that instead.

In the mean time if you want please head over to my photography blog Focusing Daily and check out some of my beginning of spring photos. I also just did a little redesign. I am trying to start posting more often over there too. I'd love to hear what you think!


Welcome Spring

I am so excited for Spring. It makes me want to go outside and take pictures. The only thing about spring in North Georgia is that the weather is erratic. Tuesday it was beautiful outside and even a little bit warm. Today it is rainy and cold again. Overall nasty weather. I did get some time on Tuesday to walk around my yard and seek out some signs of spring. I did find some! I love the contrast of plants that have died during the fall and the new life of the little sprouts of spring. I think that is my favorite thing about spring the element of rebirth. 

 I hope you enjoyed the photographs!! Please pick your favorite and let me know. I am thinking of putting a couple of these up on my website as art prints.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I wanted to share some of my Easter photographs! I love following my little cousin Wyatt around. His little brother Levi is to little to chase after so he is stuck with me and my camera! I tried to capture Wyatt's excitement over Easter egg hunting.


March Favorites

Hello! I thought that I would share some of my monthly favorites. I had a great March. I got to go on a cruise with my best friend! And now my spring semester is almost over! I have about a month left. It is really exciting to think about. I registered for my last semester as a Kennesaw State University student. I am going to graduate in the fall with a Communications Degree. My concentration is Public Relations. It is really exciting to think about.

Well I will get on with it! You definitely want to see my favorites! Many of these things I took on my cruise with me and they worked great!

 The Bumble and bumble styling lotion was part of a Christmas Present. I really like it because I have no texture in my hair and it really helps with that. And it smells WONDERFUL!
 This month I am trying to use lighter foundations. I was using the Naked foundation. But when I came back from my cruise I was tanner. I decided to try bareMinerals instead. I bought this tester set it has a mini original foundation, mini matte foundation, mini mineral veil, and a teeny concealer. I am really liking this set and have been wearing it since I bought it.
 I searched for a nude eyeliner for what seemed like months! I had heard about the Nude Scandal eyes eyeliner like a year ago, but couldn't find it until January. Well I am so glad I waited! This is a wonderful creamy and stays for a good amount of time.

 The wonderful Naked Palette. Need I say more? I don't think so. My favorite color is Baked.

 I am still loving my Skin 79 BB Cream! I think that it is perfect underneath my bareMinerals foundation.
 This is my FAVORITE lipstick I think I have ever had. It is the Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple. I wore this literally every night on the cruise. I love a vintage red lip. It stays for a good while, 3 to 4 hours before reapplying needed.
A non make up favorite for me is a type of jewelry. I love stud earrings. Dangling earrings always get tangled in my hair and generally annoy me. I am obsessed with dainty studs. Whenever I go into Forever 21 I always have to get a couple of pairs.Cute ones I like. Here. Here. Here.

I hope you had a great March and continue to have a wonderful April! Please let me know if you have any great favorites for me to try! Also if you like any of these products please let me know!