Thursday, July 26, 2012


 I know that a lot of people have different definitions of treasure and have different things that they choose to treasure. I treasure a lot my family and friends especially. A lot of the objects that I choose to treasure are some how connected to my family and friends. I wanted to share one of them today. I saw a blog post where a lady was working on making a wedding ring quilt. I have a wedding ring quilt that was my Great Aunt Edna's. It is beautiful but she made it and that is what makes it special. She was an unique person. She lived in downtown Atlanta with her sister Flo and they worked as secretaries at various companies downtown. They both never married. I never got to meet Flo she passed away a year or two before I was born. They were single independent women living downtown when women just didn't do that. She was such a fountain of knowledge when it came to our family. I did not get to know her as well as I did but seeing things that were hers makes me feel connected to them.

After I got this one I realized that she had stitched her name on one of the patches. Making it even more special.
Hand Stitching
A larger picture of the pattern. 
I hope y'all enjoyed this! I thought I'd share. If you liked this post please leave a comment and let me know something that you treasure. Or if you write a post like this on your treasure let me know!! I'd love to see what y'all treasure.



  1. that is really beautiful! it is nice to have things that really mean something like this :D and don't say your not brave enough, you could totally do it :D


    1. I colored my hair for the first time last year lol. And then when I went to get it slightly ombred I told the hair stylist that I wanted it really natural.... totally can't even tell lol


  2. Oh yeah definitely! I like your blog = ]


  3. What a beautiful quilt! Such a special thing to have :)