Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Balm!

The other day I went in to Marshalls to get my boyfriend an outfit for his birthday present. (21 woohooo!) Whenever I go in there I always have to walk around the whole store to see if I can discover something amazing. I got him a great outfit there. He thinks it is a combination of hipster/fratty clothes. I just think its stuff he'll look cute in. Although I do call him the accidental hipster. On to my amazing discovery!

I was walking around the beauty department and I saw Essie and OPI nail sets. Once I saw them I started to investigate the rest of the beauty department. I found sets from The Balm. They looked like they were meant for Christmas presents or a birthday gift set. There were multiple sets and I got the one that has the Sexy Mama Powder, Bahama Mama bronzer, and Hot Mama blush. The whole set cost $10!!! All of the products are full size. So if you piece the set out each one is only around $3.34!

I love all three. If you do not like retro packaging/pin up girls you will probably not like The Balm. The packaging is like a cardboard/paper, but so far it is holding up really well for me.

I am going to do separate reviews of each one coming up soon. If I tried to do all three in one post it would go on forever. I just wanted to give everyone a sale alert to go check out their Marshalls.



  1. The retro/vintage packaging is so cutee! x

  2. Thanks for the comment! And I agree I really like the retro packaging. =]