Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Semi- Formal outfit.

I love Modcloth! They have great clothes and little home items. Modcloth has a great selection whether you enjoy rockabilly, vintage, or modern clothes. I also really like how they have the Be they Buyer option. It gives you the ability to look at items that they are thinking about offering and lets you vote on whether or not to buy it.  I ordered a dress from them last fall for my semi formal. My dress arrived on time and was perfect!

This was my dress! It is called When the Night Comes Dress. I love it! The length is great and I love the lace.
Fletcher By Lyell Peep-toe Heels. I bought these at Urban Outfitters last August when they went clearance, $19.99!!!

This is a picture from that night! This is me and my boyfriend. His friends were making faces on the other side of the room. I tried to curl my hair, but my hair does not like to stay curled for long. Also I tried for a more vintage look and went for a red lip. Which at the point of this picture I think had come off. 


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