Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skin Challenge Update!

All right this is an update on the challenge that my boyfriend Steve gave me this past week. To go a whole week without wearing make up.The idea for the challenge came a few days before my skin started acting up and I was getting some irritation on my face. Which I am pretty sure now was actually my spot treatment. By removing my make up I was able to determine that it was actually one of my night face products. 

I did my normal skin care routine and used Philosophy Purity cleanser and St. Ives Scrub every other day. I have normal to oily skin but honestly mos of the time my skin is more oily than anything. I have loved the Purity cleanser and it has helped my skin enormously. I also have large pores and some redness on my cheeks. I have begin to notice that my skin is starting to change on its own for the better (Wooohooo!) and I think I am starting to age out of the oiliness. I have for the most part aged out of the acme but I do have the occasional breakout that happens during that time of the month.

Since this past week was my spring break and I did not have to go to school (Yay!) I was not to concerned with wearing a lot of make up to begin with. What was hard for me was not wearing make up to work. So I decided that I would wear tinted moisturizer and some mascara so I did not look unprofessional. 

After a week I could definitely tell a difference in my skin. All of my spots had healed and it felt good to not have any make up on. 

The tinted moisturizer that I used was the Elf one that is from their studio collection and the

Maybelline Colossal Mascara. This is my second tube of the waterproof colossal mascara. I have found that this mascara does smudge on me and I will probably choose a different mascara next time.  I really would like to find a different tinted moisturizer. The Elf moisturizer is pretty good for the price ($3 I believe at Target) but, it is not very moisturizing and I do not think the product stays for a long enough time.

If you have a tinted moisturizer that you really like please let me know! Also let me know if you have had a no makeup week or plan to do this!


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