Sunday, March 4, 2012

I tried it! (Pinterest trials)

Yesterday I decided that I would finally try hair chalking. I am have medium dark brown hair that is a little bit past my shoulders. It used to be farther than halfway down my back and I miss it! However, I am glad that I chopped my hair off last summer to right above my shoulders. It was the shortest it had ever been!

Here are a few pictures from then!

The first picture is from when I first got it cut (just saying I do not know what is up with my chest in this  picture it is definitely not usually that large looking lol)   
This is an after styled and curled picture of my hair then from Instagram. I loved my hair curled when it was short. 

Here is a picture of my hair with the chalking in it. I did not do anything special to my hair this day and just blow dried it. I found out that the green color showed in my hair a lot better than the other colors. Even though surprisingly the yellow/gold showed up pretty well too.

It was a lot of fun and my mom called me rainbow bright because I just used every color in the box to see how it would look. If you are looking for long lasting color I am going to say this is not for you. It literally washed out for the most part this morning. There is a little bit of color left but not really enough for anyone but me to tell.

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