Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bahama Mama- The Balm

Hey everyone! I said that I would do a post on the Bahama Mama bronzer that I got in the set that I found at Marshalls a few weeks ago. I have never really used a bronzer. I am generally tan and I never really thought that I needed one. I had been thinking about trying one after watching everyone rave about the NARS Laguna and other bronzers on Youtube. So I was very lucky when I found The Balm set that had a blush, bronzer, and powder in it.

 Bahama Mama is a very matt bronzer. I think that this works well for my skin because I tend to get shiny because my skin is a combination of oily and normal. I have been using this with my ELF Total Face Brush and sweeping it over my cheeks and around my temples.
The Bronzer is on the left side of my hand, it kind of looks like a shadow on my hand.
My final thought is that it is a great bronzer for the basically $3.00 that I paid for it because it was in the set. I would definitely purchase this again at that price. On the Balms website it is $24.00 and I think it is an alright bronzer for that price. A thing to remember is that the NARS bronzers are $34.00, so if you want to spend ten more dollars then you might want to try that instead. Also the MAC blushes creme or powder are $20. Basically what I am saying is that if you can find this on a great sale grab it up.


  1. hey great post! i was just looking to start a thebalm collection and this helps :)

    also i've just recently making beauty blog posts too and i'd appreciate it if you checked it out!

  2. I love this bronzer its such a natural colour!

    Over on my blog I am having a give away :o) I would love for you to enter



  3. Thanks for the comment! I really like how natural the bronzer is also. I'll have to go and enter your give away! Thanks for letting me know. =]