Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Welcome to EV Photography's blog!

      I decided to relaunch my blog with the creation of my website, ev-photography.co. 
I am really excited about the launch of my website. It will make ordering prints so much easier for everyone. Also there is the ability to pay online, the website's cart is linked to my paypal account. Now you will be able to share pictures with family through online albums that are password protected. This ensures that you control who exactly is viewing your photos. And if you have family across the country they can order prints too! 

      I decided to do this because I think that photographs deserve to be printed. We live in a time where there are photos everywhere, be it on facebook or instagram. However, how many of us actually print our photographs. I wanted to make this system so instead of giving CD's with every session I am going to concentrate on prints. There will still be a CD package offered if you would like to do that. I understand that depending on what you would like to use the photographs for sometimes a CD or digital files would work best.

       I am always afraid of waking up and finding my computer dead and my photographs gone. So I am constantly backing up every image that I have. While I know that photographs do not last forever either all of my prints are printed on Kodak Endura paper the photographs will stay in their original state for 100 years in typical home display and for 200 years in dark storage. 

Please check out my website and give me feedback on what you think! 

 Emily Pugh

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