Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If I went Shopping today....

I would want to go to H&M and Forever 21. I love both of these stores! Also the Forever 21 at the mall closest to me just reopened from a HUGE renovation. I am really excited.

Items that I want from Forever 21-

There are a few springy looking items on the board but I think they could be mixed with different fall items to make them not as springy.  Also I am trying to decide if I like the sweaters with the printing on them. But I think that the frenchy one is adorable. Denim shirts, can never have enough. I now have bangs and I have been experimenting with different vintage feeling hair styles so I think the hair flowers would be really cute. Finally I am in LOVE with the polka dot with leather trim sneakers. I think I am definitely getting those on Saturday.

Forever 21

Items that I want from H&M-
Whenever I venture into H&M I end up finding something I love. I really want a motorcycle jacket either a traditional leather or the tweed one below would be awesome. I also love the lace dresses and chiffon tops from them. I end up doing mostly neutrals with a pop of color there.


Let me know if there is anything on my lists that you really like!



  1. I love the high-lo skirt from F21 and the scarf from H&M.
    How do you do these wishlist boards?

  2. I'm totally right there with you...I work at the mall and it's horrible cause I see tonnnnnnnss of stuff i want!!