Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Inspired Outfit Idea


I have decided that I am going to post outfit combinations on here that I think would work great for portraits. The first set that I have is for fall family photographs because we are of course in the middle of the best time for fall portraits with the leaves changing.

Fall Outfits

I really like the mix of textures and using similar color families with a consistent pop of color. I think it makes family portraits look strategically coordinated. This can be too overdone and I think adding in the different textures prevents the "overdone-ness."

My favorite items are the boots from the "mom" outfit. I really like the two tone. Also I love the little girl outfit. I think that little girl clothes are a great way to play with color and texture. The bright magenta/red pants with the white shirt with the sequined collar is just too cute. Another favorite is the little boy or baby sweater with the shawl collar. It is adorable. A miniature old man sweater.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and it gave you some outfit ideas! I will be posting more outfits in the future.


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