Monday, June 18, 2012

The Missing Avon products.

I got the other Avon products that I missed in my last post. I missed my eyeliner and concealer. I got the Avon Super Extend liquid eyeliner in Black T01. Also I bought the Avon brightening concealer in Medium.

This is the eyeliner. It stays in place very well. I put it on and then tried to rub it off a minute or two later and it does not budge. HOWEVER, get this stuff wet and its done for. 
The point is not very think, it is pretty thick. But you can get finer lines with this. I have been using it to make a winged cat eye look.
 A close up of the eyeliner.
 This is the brightening concealer. When I saw this in the Avon book I was really excited that maybe they were trying to do a touche eclat dupe. I have never been close to a YSL Touche eclat so I do not know if the finish is similar. It is not what I would consider glittery but more of a shimmer. I do think that this works well for the under eyes. It does set extremely quick. I use one of my Real Techniques to blend it in quickly. I think that the click up pen form is alright but sometimes you have to click it up a lot.

After the concealer is blended in, If you can tell there is a lighter area. Also this picture is after I have rubbed my hand with the eyeliner on.


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  1. i really love the tip of the eyeliner pen -- it looks like it would be so precise! i would totally consider buying it, but now that i think about it, i haven't worn eyeliner for SO long!
    hope all is well my dear :)