Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avon haul + more to come

Hey everyone!!!! I gave myself a little treat this week and decided to order a few things from my moms Avon lady at work. I had midterms yesterday and today. Hard to do midterms after only 2 weeks of class but, that also means that class ends in 2 weeks. So I decided that I deserved a treat. Also I have been wanting to try a few things from them for a while.

I think everything I bought was on sale or was buy 1 get one free. There are a few things I'm missing my order was messed up so I am missing my concealer pen and my felt tip liquid eye liner. Bought 2 nail polishes Jade (Order #: 916-765) and Absinthe (Order #: 438-116). They were $3.49 and are usually $6 so I got 2 for the price of one! Then I got an eyeshadow palette "True Color eyeshadow pallet" in Earthtones Quad (Ordering #: 695-136) for $4 when it is normally $9. Then I got a Glimmerstick Waterproof Eye Liner in Blackest Black (Ordering #:114-350) for $7 but I then got my felt tip eyeliner for free, more on that when I get it. 

I love the earth tones in this pallet! I wore them all today and I think the pigmentation was pretty good. I especially like the gold and the green!
 I really wanted another new waterproof eyeliner for vacation. I have been using an eyeshadow usually for a really natural looking eye, but I knew that was not going to work for the Bahamas. I was able to get a really similar look with the mechanical pencil.

From Left to Right: Black Eyeliner, purple, green, light cream, and gold from the eyeshadow pallet.

A different angle.

And my favorite the light green is Jade. It reminds me of the exact color of Fire King Jadite plates that I collect. I have wanted this color forever.
This is absinthe, it is a yellow tone green. I was hoping that this would be a lot brighter. It does have glitter in the polish but it is more of a shimmer, I thought that it would be large flecks of glitter.

What are your favorite nail colors to wear right now? I wore the jade color all day then put on the absinthe color to show y'all. My nail polish chips so easily that I change the color almost every day. 



  1. I love those nail polish colors!!!! :)

  2. oooooh, i love everything about this little haul! (even the little ring you're wearing. i must have it!!)
    i've never bought anything from an avon lady before, but i love flipping through the catalogues! maybe one of these days i'll buy something -- i've heard their skincare is really great!


  3. I really like the Jade color! I have been loving the mint shades, but this one is more green.

    The ring is awesome. It was actually one that my Aunt gave my mom and then my mom never wore it so I've borrowed it for the last 5 years lol. My Aunt got it somewhere in Mexico. Supposedly my Aunt has the necklace that matches it.

    Yeah the skin care looked really interesting! I was kind of disappointed because there was not as much make up in the book this time. It was alot of skin care and jewelry.


  4. I haven't tried much from Avon but I've heard nothing but good things about their range of products xx