Monday, September 30, 2013

Fire King Treasures

The other day I decided to stop by at one of the thrift stores I like to go in. It is a hit and miss most of the time. I can find something awesome there one week then I will not find something for a couple of months. I went in the other day and found one Fire King plate and I was super excited. Then a little old woman who worked there came up to me and asked if I liked "those dishes" and appreciated them. It was a cute funny little moment. I of course said yes and she showed me the mother load.

I love Fire King dishes! It is hard not to be drawn to the Jadeite dishes. But Jadeite has been priced ridiculously high now. I rarely find some that is priced well. So I have been collecting the white pieces and the Philbe Sapphire Blue dishes. I was so happy to find these dishes. The Philbe pattern is one of the oldest that Fire King made.  I got the whole load of them for $30. I saw the set of the same bowls for $75 on etsy. I am so excited. I love the pattern.

What good finds have you had lately?

P.S. Steve placed a bid on a house on Friday. It is kinda driving me nuts though. It is a short sale so I do not know when we will find out if they except the bid. But wish us luck!



  1. Wow Emily! What a find! Those are sooo pretty and to get so many pieces at one time! Congrats and good luck on the house hunting!


  2. I have never seen that set of Fire King before, it's a really pretty shade.

    I recently got 4 Jadeite bowls on eBay for around $20... which is really good. shipping was $9. Around here one bowl is $30 or more.

  3. Those are beautiful! I'm so jealous of all of your wonderful finds. Good luck with the house! I'm still in the process of getting ours ready for the market. So much hassle!

  4. these are beautiful dishes, great find!