Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Charleston Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Steve and I got a chance to go Charleston. It has been a crazy past month or two so we decided that before all of the holidays began we would take a weekend to ourselves. I highly suggest this. It was really nice to spend the time together. We did drive. Reflecting on our idea having to drive around 6 hours Saturday morning and then drive 6 hours back home Sunday night was not the best plan.We still had fun though! Charleston is gorgeous! I wish I could have an entire week to see everything. I would love to do some of the tours and go to the museums. We were able to walk around the historic district for an hour or so on our way from our hotel shuttle spot to the Battery. I think I must have said, "I love that house" at least a hundred times during the weekend. We were able to eat at a great brewery called Southend, the food and beer were great. Then we went to a bar called Mad River. The inside of both places was just incredible. Southend was a great combination of modern and historic elements. Then Mad River was fantastic. It is inside of an old church and the stain glass windows were amazing. Check them out the next time your in Charleston! Some of my photos are from some of the back roads we took on the way and the majority are of actual Charleston! Enjoy. =]

A few random life tidbits. My schedule has been hectic to say the least. I am graduating in December so all of my school work and projects are winding down. At work we had some issues so I have been working around 30 hours plus the school full time. Steve and I have still not found a house. I think we just had offer #3 denied. I know we will find something it is just hard watching and waiting for houses to be posted.


Have you been to Charleston? What did you do when you went? Do you live there? Is it really as amazing to live there as I think?


  1. I was just in Charleston too - I didn't stay though, only visited for a day and spent most of it strolling through the market and walking along the shore. I put up a few pictures on the blog too.

    Good luck with the house hunting - you'll find the right one eventually and it will all be worth it.

  2. Oh gosh, I haven't been to Charleston since middle school. It's such a gorgeous part of my home state! I keep telling my husband that I have to take him there one day. It's just "old south" perfection, isn't it? So laid back and picturesque! I completely understand the feeling of needing to get away and the annoyance of looking for a home. We're thinking of pulling our condo off the market for now just because nothing seems to be working out or available right now. It's a disheartening process. Fingers crossed for y'all!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend!