Monday, September 9, 2013

Sugar Crush Body Scrub Review

 I went in to Sephora the other day to pick up my little birthday samples that they were offering this year. While I was in there I discovered the Sugar Crush Body Scrub by Soap & Glory. I have been looking for a new scrub. I do like to make my own scrubs with a little bit of brown sugar, salt, olive oil, and vanilla.The DIY one works really well in a pinch. However, I have been wanting to try something new with a different scent. I love citrus scents. Obsessed actually, I have always loved anything that smells like grapefruit or lemon. This scrub's smell reminds me of a margarita. Yum! It works wonderfully and is very moisturizing. It is a little bit of a rough scrub. I am used to the Lush Ocean Salt scrub so this doesn't bother me but if you have sensitive skin you might want to go check it out at a Sephora before you buy it. I appear to be a little late in the game for this scrub. It does not seem to be on the Sephora or S&G web site but I did find it on Amazon.

Let me know if you use this and what you think! Also if you know of any other wonderful citrus smelling scrubs please fill me in. Or a good DIY!


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