Friday, June 21, 2013

Starbucks Facebook Communication Analysis

Starbucks has a massive presence online with over 34 million users following on Facebook. There is content posted onto the page by both Starbucks and the followers. This analysis concentrates on the posts created by followers of the Facebook page and Starbucks response to the posts. It is important to actively participate on social media pages to user’s questions and comments. 

The sample illustrated in the Infographic is of 50 different user posts onto the “wall” of Starbucks page. These posts were diverse examples include; pictures of a customer’s coffee with “happy birthday” written on the cup, a customer trying to help someone with find a lost wallet, to complaints about the amount of coffee in a cup. These comments were narrowed down into comment categories such as; product offerings, coupons, customer service, concerns, pictures, and miscellaneous. 

Product offering questions were 24 percent of the comments. These were centered on either product ideas or complaints about the new bakery items. Questions or complaints about coupons were 18 percent. Most of these complaints were centered on the My Starbucks Rewards program and how to load coupons onto the cards. Comments that are customer service issues were 22 percent. One user had an issue with his recent visit to Starbucks because a Barista would not allow him to have a cup of ice for his tea. Then there were 10 percent of the 50 comments that were about concerns. These were mostly about the quality of food products. The last 2 categories are miscellaneous and pictures. There were multiple pictures of Starbuck’s cups. 

 The recommendation for the Facebook page would be to reply to more users. There were only 10 replies to the 50 posts that were sampled. Out of the 10 posts 8 of them were "likes" and only 2 of them were direct comments to users. Also the majority of replies were on positive feedback. While it is great to reply to positive feedback there was more negative feedback on the site. Out of the 50 user comments 30 of them were negative. Many of them would have been easily addressed by directing the user to the appropriate phone number to have the issue acknowledged. These posts seemed to be ignored to the point that dedicated users had begun to answer questions. To the point that they have even argued with some negative posts. This causes the dedicated users seem as if they are actually employees of Starbucks meant to check the Facebook page. 

Overall out of the 50 posts tracked 20 percent of them were replied too. This number could increase and which posts that are commented on could be evaluated differently.

Have you ever commented on Starbucks Facebook page? Or have you had customer service help from a Facebook page?


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