Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ikea Bedroom Favorites

Steve and I are still in search for either a rental house or an apartment. Steve and I have our hearts set on a little house. I would love to have the outdoor space. Yesterday we went and looked at a house that had been built in 1860. One year before the Civil War! Hard to believe. It is a really neat house. It definitely is in need of some love though. Hopefully, If it is at the right price we will be the ones giving it some love.

Of course I have started nesting. I am a serial nester. I love being able to see the big picture in a house with no furniture. To start off I started by looking at Ikea. Here are some bedroom items that I have found.


This would be a great DIY project! 

I hope everyone is having a great week!!!! My giveaway is still open until Monday! Check it out at Eager Emily's 1st Giveaway.

P.S. What items would you like from Ikea for your bedroom? 



  1. I've never actually been to an Ikea! There aren't any near me. I've only heard of the legend...

    ♥ Em from Mascara Warrior

  2. Gotta love Ikea, thankfully I have a couple near me :) x