Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Living Room Ideas!

I have been pining ideas on pinterest for our living room. This is my wish list. I know we will probably have to have hand me downs and some random furniture. But this is how I wish I could have it!

I am obsessed with Mid Century sofas. I love the Chester Tufted sofa from West Elm. I love the tufting and the tapered legs. I have found a couple of original Mid Century Sofas on craiglist and they all are in desperate need of reupholstering. And that costs a lot of money. So my only hope is to find one at an estate sale that has hopefully been covered with plastic for its whole life.

This Aiden coffee table is wonderful. I love the wheels and the combination of wood and metal. I am starting to look like someone who loves modern furniture. But in reality I love anything that has an old feeling to it. And this does!

This might be neat as a side table! I love how the drawers look like a library card catalog. It is called the Black 5- Drawer Preston Table from World Market.

I want everything in our apartment to look like we have collected it. Granted we are only 21 and 22 so we have obviously not had the time to collect furniture. Hopefully, we will be able to find some items that have a similar feel to these. Maybe we will even find the actual old counterparts. 

I am still gathering items for the giveaway I will be featuring soon! I do have a sneak peek that I  just posted on Vine. I think Vine is really neat and I think I will be posting a lot of different videos. You can reach the sneak peek by following me on Twitter @Emilyvannah.

Do you have a Vine account? What do you film?


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