Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Updating website + Bloopers

Hello!!! I just did a few little updates on my website! I updated the color palette of the front page and I am still working on a couple of tweaks. However, I have been missing a self portrait on my about me page. I have been meaning to do it for a while. I know it makes people a little uncomfortable hiring a photographer and them not having a portrait of themselves up! Totally understandable! So yesterday I finally went out and took some portraits. It is so weird feeling taking photographs of yourself. It is hard for me to look like I am not having a fake smile. So at one point I just started taking some funny pictures. Here are a couple of my bloopers and funny face shots.

 Trying to figure out if my camera is working. I was worried that my remote was giving me some issues. And I had to make sure it was working.
 This is me making sure my camera was lined up. I went through a ton of photographs with my head cut off because I didn't scoot my tripod back far enough with my 85mm. For a random photograph I think that it is pretty cool shot of my skirt.
This was when I started to realize that my smile was getting a little bit of frozen looking.

This is the image that I went with for my website!!