Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life Update + Things I love Thursday

It has been a long week and a half. Steve and I had a great weekend at Road Atlanta for the Mitty. I will be sharing some photos of the beautiful cars in the next couple of days. This has been the last week of classes for me. This means a lot of studying and regretting procrastination. I stayed up Monday night till 4:30 a.m., horrible idea. I would not recommend waiting until the last minute to write an art history research paper. Also I have had a couple of final projects due. I am almost done though I have 2 actual final tests.

 For one of my papers concentrated on a local brewery, Monday Night Brewing, and was able to interview one of the founders Joel Iverson. I think I will post this interview later this week. He was great to interview and their beer is amazing! 

1.  Atlanta Georgia Peach Print- $39, Bourbon and Boots, I love where I live. This print is amazing. I am going to buy one when I get my apartment!
2. SoDelta’s Blue and Burlap Mason Jar Candle- $28, Bourbon and Boots, I think that this candle would be a great mothers day gift! I love blue mason jars and a candles. Great combo. One of the scents is called Sweet Tea. Right up my alley. 
3.  Limeade- Post from Salty Pineapple, My mother and I discovered this recipe last year and it is amazing. I really want to make some of this soon. It is the perfect summer drink!
4. Tempest Blue Journal- $42.99 I love this journal, It has been on my wishlist since I discovered Etsy. I love the designs. They are amazing. Look like great quality. 
5. Rick Steve's Europe- Completely random but I have been watching Rick Steve's Europe on Hulu. Who knew that it was on there!!! Now I am sucked in.  

I love this series!!!!


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