Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Apartment Storage!

This summer I am planning on moving into my first apartment with my boyfriend Steve. Soon we are going to go look at a few places. I have one that I am pretty sure we will end up with. I have started my pre-planning. I am such a nester. I have lived way from my parents home when I went to Young Harris college. Since then I have been living at home because my parents house is close enough to school and it was economically smart. I am looking specifically at storage ideas because our apartment will be pretty small. Here are some ideas that I have found.

  • 3- Tier Hanging Wire Basket- $12.99, My mom had one of these when I was little. I love seeing fruit hanging in them. Great for keeping things off of the counter. 

  • Owen Box With Chalkboard- $24.99, I think this will be really nice for mail. Keep it from ending up in random places.  
  •  Natural Canvas Under-Bed Chest- $18.99, I really want under the bed storage. I do not think I will be able to get a new bed soon but these are a great alternative. Also you can find a cheaper version from Ikea Here.  
  •  KASSETT Box (Pack of 2)- $4.99, I already own a ton of these. They make for great storage. I also like how you can label them! 

  •  HEMNES Shoe cabinet with 2 compartments- $129.00, I love how this has a small drawer at the top. Could be used for belts or other random odds and ends. I definitely need some shoe storage.

I am going to be giving some updates on our apartment search and how I want to decorate. I am so excited to finally have some space of my own (with Steve of course)!
  •  We did go and look at the first apartment complex. I did not realize that they give a student discount! Now I want to go to the all and ask.


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