Monday, February 18, 2013

Skin79 BB Cream!

Hey guys! I have discovered Amazon. I know that means I am late to the party, like really. I have used it for textbooks and like tv shows, but not for just random stuff that I want. Well I am officially amazon crazy. Also I have the free amazon prime subscription for students which is definitely enabling me. Two day shipping, YES please. 

The other day my mom and I were talking about BB creams. We both got the Dr. Jart BB cream sample in our birchboxes. I started to look up the prices for the "higher end" BB creams. I have not really heard anything good about the drugstore ones. It is all mixed reviews. Then I realized that whenever I would watch a review on Youtube or read one on a blog they all said that our BB creams are not as good as Asian brand ones. I remembered that one of the youtubers that I watch said they bought their Asian beauty products on Amazon. Enter Amazon.

I decided on the Skin79 BB. I saw a review by Missglamorazzi from youtube and she loved it. (Watch the video here) I went for an Amazon Prime seller. I thought it would be safer that way. Because apparently there is a problem with people receiving fake Skin79 BB cream. I ordered mine from seller Tokyo Japanese Outlet. And I believe that it is a legit bottle. (Here is the video to help you tell if it is or not) The full name is Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm and it was $16.69 which I think was pretty affordable. In the middle of the drugstore BB's and the high end BB creams.

And on to the pictures! I will do a review on what I think about it after Spring Break. I was really thinking that this would be really useful for then. 

First impression: When I put this on today I did not feel like I even needed to put foundation on top of it. I just added a little concealer. It looked the same after being at work for 5 hours 

I will do a more in depth review later after I have really been trying it. For more information on the BB Cream check out Skin79's website. Here is the link to this specific BB Cream. There are supposed to be a lot of benefits for the BB cream. I will let you know what I think.

Do you have any brands or specific Asian beauty products you love? This is my first Asian beauty product and I think I might be hooked. 


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