Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photography Prop Example #1

I have been scanning Etsy for a new quilt. I think I will probably be able to find one around here at one of the antique stores, but I thought I would scroll through. It made me think of other props that would be fun to have! So I am going to share a couple. Also I thought this would make a great way to show people what they can bring to sessions. I am completely open people bring props to a shoot. Like I know that whenever I have engagement photographs done (once I am engaged) I will bring my Great Aunt's Wedding ring quilt she made.

1. A cool chair or blanket! Generally you are going to be sitting at one point during a session and why not in a chair that shows your personality. I think that a rocking chair in a field with tall grass could look really neat. If you are into film maybe a directors chair.

I thought starting a series about some prop ideas would be interesting. If you have a favorite prop you use or something that you would like to have in your photographs. I would love some other ideas.


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