Friday, February 22, 2013

Naked Palette

I finally got the Naked Palette by Urban Decay! I am definitely late to this party. I love the palette just like everyone else! Some of my favorite colors out of it are Naked, Half Baked, and Smog. I really like all of the colors but those are the ones I have found myself using. Strangely enough I had not tried the Urban Decay primer potion before this. That stuff works great!

The only cons about the Palette to me is the brush and the packaging. I am not a huge fan of the brush. I tend to like softer brushes. I guess this one is supposed to be for laying down shadow but I'm just not a fan. And the packaging! I have had it for like 2 weeks now and it picks up everything! I wish they would possibly re-release it with the metal packaging like Naked 2 has.

I do not have a lot of palettes. I have the tarte True blood palette which I do not hear anyone talk about anymore. I love that thing to death. The packaging is huge also. I am thinking about buying a Z-palette to put the eye shadows in so it will be easier for travel. And now I have the Naked! Pretty happy!

 I have a bunch of Birchbox points. I have literally $40 to spend in the Birchbox store and I am so torn on what to get. I think I want the Stila In the Light palette but would that be redundant after I have bought the Naked? Maybe the In the Moment palette then? Let me know what you think!


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  1. YAY i'm glad you finally got this palette! This is gonna last you forever. :)

    How did you get so many birchbox points?