Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thrifty Time

So I had decided that I would not go to Goodwill on the way home yesterday. However, I have been hearing from my mom and my best friend how much they would like to got some Pyrex. Because of that I decided that I need to stop, you know just to see........

 I found this little white bowl with scalloped trim. I am not sure who made this one. If you know please let me know!
 Then this adorable little juice carafe. I love how it has lemons all over it. Plus it uses different typefaces saying Juice all over it. I can picture this with lemonade in it. =]
 Then I got this little metal basket. I am not sure what it was used for but it reminded me of a picture that was in Southern Living not too long ago with farm eggs in a metal basket. Their basket was round but this has the same industrial feel to it. I really want to tear out the picture that was in the magazine and frame it. But my mom actually had a friend bring her some different color farm eggs the other day. So earlier I took some pictures of the eggs in this! Hopefully I will share those soon!
 I am going to put so much stuff in this little guy! I love it.

All righty there is my mini thrifty haul. I have come to the conclusion that I have a problems. lol But I am going to have an adorable house one day.



  1. I really like good bargins too but haven't gone to goodwill in a while.

  2. Great post! -This week is "Low Cost Fragrances"

  3. love the juice carafe - I have a very similar one in green and I love every time I get to use it! great finds :)