Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hey!!! Sorry I have not posted the past couple of days! I had a really busy weekend. I especially had a busy Sunday. First time this semester I wanted to kick myself for procrastination. But I survived! Yesterday I had a test and a presentation. So glad that is over.

Today I ran into Goodwill to see if they had anything that I liked. I actually did not pick anything up. I did take a picture of two cute pictures that I was thinking about. I have been picking up embroidery or cross stitching when I find it at yard sales and these were cute. As I write this I am kind of thinking I should have gotten them. In the future I want to make a collage wall of them with different frames all painted the same color. I think the red poppies is my favorite! And It was LARGE at least a 16X20. The frame was nice and heavy. (Crap I am going to have to try and get this Thursday, I've convinced myself lol)
Also this tiny guy was really cute. I HATE the frame it is in. This deserves a cute rustic frame. Not the gold. 

Well I left these two at the thrift store. 
Something else I wanted to talk about is Thrift Store Etiquette.  

I do not mean to seem preachy about this but it has bothered me lately because of my frequency to thrift stores. The other day I was at my Goodwill and there were two women just behaving horribly. 

At my store they call over the speakers to let everyone know what is coming out but, they ask for customers to please wait for the employee to finish putting out the product. I know that I get excited when I can see something across the store and I want, but I keep calm and walk. Also I always get excited when new stuff comes out and I will wait in the glassware isle and see if they put out Pyrex. It might sound stalker but, I wait until it is put out! 

The moment the cart came out the both of the women were running around the cart and the poor man pushing it. They kept doing it and then started grabbing stuff of the cart while the man was trying to push it to the home goods area.  It was very obnoxious and then they started yelling about how they got what they wanted!

I am 21 and I was acting more grown up than the women twice my age. I really wanted to be like act like a grown ass (sorry for that) woman. It was very disrespectful. And I felt bad for the poor man trying to put stuff out.

I think the majority of people that go thrift store follow the rules and this just flabbergasted me.

Sorry about my venting moment. I hope everyone has been having good experiences thrifting lately! 



  1. love how you love to thrift too! and I agree etiquette is much deserved but at least u acted out with a lot of class..im sure it was well noticed! great finds!

    XO Meghan

  2. It's so tough when people are acting foolish in thrift stores. It's almost as though they think because it's "just a thrift store" they can behave like society's rules do not exist. Suddenly everybody becomes grabby, rude, loud, etc. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I entered our favorite thrift store, and this guy was playing a piano really loudly and obnoxiously. Fast forward a few minutes later and my boyfriend was looking at a record player - had his hands on it - and the same guy comes up and grabs it out from my boyfriend's hands, bragging the whole time about how he was going to sell it for twice as much. Ugggh. I understand shopping at thrift stores with the intent to resell, but you don't grab something away from somebody and brag to their face that you're going to sell it. That's just sooo rude - especially because my boyfriend genuinely wanted it for personal use, not just to "flip."

    But on another note, that poppy embroidery is too cute!

  3. get that poppy embroidery!!! i love it! :D