Monday, September 10, 2012

Paulding Meadows arts and crafts festival

Hey guys! This weekend was the arts and crafts festival for where I live. I love Paulding Meadows it is always so much fun to see all of the things people are selling. And it is kind of like a big reunion. Especially for my parents since they graduated from high school around here too. I thought I would share the few things I bought.

Here are the things that I bought. A pair of earrings and two hair clips from a really sweet lady. You can find her store online here. I really liked the set up that she had. Really cute and vintage. The earrings were $10 and the hair bows were $2.50 each. She also had a great selection of hand made necklaces. I really like buying things from the people who make them instead of stores. 

We had a conversation about this the other day before an art history class. One of the guys in my class is a Art Major with a concentration in Pottery. There is so much work put into the pieces that potters make. I always try to pick up a piece from an art festival. However, this time I sadly did not. But I talked to one of the venders and she is going to start teaching pottery classes, and possibly a wheel class! I loved pottery in High School and I really wish that I could take it in college, sadly I am not an art major so they will not let me in. I thought that it was cool that her name is Emily also and she just graduated from Kennesaw State University too. Supporting Graduates! Yay! 
 Her website is here.

Also another one of my favorite things is KETTLE CORN! I'm obsessed, this is the only time during the year that I get to have it. This family has been selling fresh kettle corn at the festival since I could remember. They wear pioneer dress while they do it. Meaning the men have outfits on like the picture above and the women have on bonnets and long dresses with long sleeves. I always feel really bad when it is super hot outside. Yesterday the temperature was amazing, nice and cool. It is really neat watching them pop the corn then mix it all together with sugar and salt. YUM. I wish I had taken a picture of the bag that they give you but it is a large bag. 

Do you have a festival that you go to every year? Or do you even like these things??? 

Sorry for the Iphone pictures! 



  1. Send some popcorn my way. Love the photos.

    Great post,
    Xaimarys ♡