Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hot Mama- The Balm

Its time for the Hot Mama review! Again this is a blush that I received in the kit that I found at Marshalls and the blush ended up costing me around $3.34. 

 The blush is described as a pinky-peach hue on The Balm's website. I would say that this is an accurate description of the product. It also says that is has a slight highlighter in it also. I think what they mean by this is that is is shimmery, not in the there is glitter or little shimmer flakes that you can visibly see. I think that they mean that it has more of a satin finish.

I really like this color because of the tone and the slight shimmer. Because of the shimmer it does not lay flat on my face and illuminates my cheeks. I am not one for blush this is the only blush that I have ever bought myself usually I would sneak into my moms room and see if there was one in there if I felt like I needed one. But recently I have started wanting to experiment with blush which makes this kit another awesome buy for me. I do not wear blush every day, but I have been wearing this one a few times a week. My issue is that I naturally have reddish/pink cheeks and when I put on the blush it looks great but then after I have had it on for a while and my foundation has started to wear you can see my natural check color plus the blush which makes it kind of over whelming.

Blended into my hand
My final thought on the Hot Mama blush is that it is a good blush at the price I found at Marshalls, but I do not think I would buy it at full price. Especially since I am just beginning to use blusher. Actually when I found this set at the store my next stop was going to be Target so I could check out the E.L.F. blushes. When I found the set I realized that the 3 Balm products would cost the same as 3 E.L.F. products which sealed the deal for me. Also another thing that I have noticed since the bronzer review is that the packaging get dirty really quickly, especially the bronzer.


  1. hmmmm i'm going to have to stop by my local marshalls... great steal!

  2. I was pretty excited when I found this set! There were a few other Balm ones and then there were even sets of Essie and Opi minis!