Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have found an amazing dress. I love it. I feel like you could dress it up and dress it down. At the moment I want to dress up. Haven't been on a date for a loooong time since Steve is working alot. Here is my idea. = ]

Starting with the dress. This dress is from dELiAs. I think it could make ANYONE look curvy and sexy even if they didn't have curves and if you had a little bit more curve than you want it could hide it! 
Black accessories: Shoes, bag, bra. just make you (or atleast me) feel like Woah! I'm wearing really high heels... watch out =] lol 
The Hair: Keeps it off the neck and is slightly tousled making the "i'm to impeccable" feel go away (since you are matchy matchy with the accessories.
THEN... the earrings: I love a good green stone. Since Angelina Jolie wore the humongous emerald earrings I have been in love with what they do to a look. They make the look still mysterious, but with a POP of color.  

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