Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fire King

Those of you who do not know about Fire King are missing out. 
I literally just started my collection today, but i've been on the look out for weeks.
I was at the sale of my life today. I do not think it gets any better than this. On the Rockmart square there was a building that fell in and a lady who has/had/??? a store on the Marrietta square owned it and was using if for storage. The most amazing thing ever. All the plates, dishes, glassware you could imagine. And for good prices too because they were just trying to get rid of it all. Amazing antiques, old toys, trunks, everything. Times like these I really wish I had a job so I could buy more stuff. But what I did buy was. 

Part of my finds were, 2 Peach Fire King Lusterware plates A larger (not sure of measurements right now) for $3.50 and a smaller like tea set size one for $1. 50(!!!!!) Saphire blue Fire king plates (can't tell on that picture because you have to look at the sides for $20 dollars for all 5 (the original price tag had put all 5 plates together at 60 dollars and they are in really good condition). 3 Fire king glasses (which I might sell) for $6 for the set. And a Homer Laughlin yellow plate for my momma for $1 (I thought it was old fiesta ware lol)

Pretty good day i'd say! 
You can see the saphire color now.

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