Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top 5 Favorite Documentaries

It is no secret among my friends that I love documentaries and mini documentary series. Netflix and Amazon have encouraged my obsession. There is something about watching something informative that is entertaining that I love. Documentaries are also my favorite background noise for doing homework. I wanted to share my current top 5 documentaries. These are not the mind numbing documentaries with someone mumbling in the background. They are beautifully filmed and narrated. A lot of the documentaries are on Netflix and Amazon.

1. The National Parks: America's Best Idea
The fact that this is about National Parks and is done by PBS you would totally think that this would be a boring miniseries. Boring it is not. The story is a beautifully told story with amazing narration by Ken Burns. The filmography is incredibly beautiful. I have not had the chance to actually make the trip to one of the great national parks. Yet when you see the parks in this documentary you begin to build a connection with the parks. At least I did. Seeing the fire get so close to the Yosemite valley this week made me tear up to think about what could be lost.

2. Sound City 
Amazing. The best music documentary I have ever watched. Actually I am watching it as I type this. I knew my dad would love this. The documentary follows the Sound City Recording Studio and the Neve console. Some of the greats have recorded there. The documentary is directed and produced by  Dave Grohl. If you love music you will fall in love with Sound City. You seriously just have to watch it. If you have Amazon Prime it was just made a prime video.

3. Food, Inc.
I was shown this documentary in a freshman sociology class. Food, Inc. was on the top of the wave that came in full of food documentaries. I love how there are different categories and directions that this documentary takes to tell their story. I actually had two of my very good friends after watching this decide that they were going to become vegetarians. After I watched it I did not become to vegetarian but it did make me more conscious of my food and where it come from. Also it began my dream of having my own little farm. I might not be able to have it sooner probably later but I would love it. Little warning there are some graphic moments in film with the animals. I would not let children watch this.

4. Fastest 
This is one that I actually watched because Steve picked it. We love going to races and Steve has discussed trying to go into motorcycle racing. After watching this it scared me to death. It is amazing what these riders put themselves through. It is incredible. I have been at a vintage race and watched a rider flip a bike from front wheel to back at least three times in a row and walk away safe. It was terrifying to watch. I love how this film highlights how passionate and competitive the riders are.

This is very interesting to watch from a personal and photographer stand point. We have talked about paparazzi in my digital media class. I liked hearing the point from the celebrities. It is an interesting reflection on our culture. I am on the middle ground on this subject. While I believe that by being in the industry you are opening yourself up to the public and are therefore a public figure but, there is a line that needs to be drawn. Endangering a person or someone's family and being on someone's property is crossing a line.

I hope you get the chance to watch some of these!!! If you have a suggestion for a good documentary please leave it for me. Please let me know if one or more of these make your top 5.



  1. Food Inc was an eye-opener for me - have you seen Earthlings, it's similar but a lot more harrowing - very difficult to watch. The Selebrity on looks interesting. Craiglist Joe is an excellent doc on netflix if you haven't seen it it's well worth a look

  2. These documentaries are all so good! I saw Food Inc recently and loved it!

    Xo, Hannah

  3. I really like Food Inc as well. Documentaries are so interesting, I love them!

  4. i'm a documentary addict - thanks for the recs! have you seen "confessions of a superhero" and "queen of versailles"? watched those recently and loved them.