Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

  • Double-cloth lady day coat by J. Crew, $365. Maybe one day I will get lucky and find this coat at the J. Crew outlet near me. It is fabulous and so classic. It is calling my name. 
  • Personalised Brass Locket Necklace by , $35.06. I love how you can punch a cute message inside and it is only readable when you open the locket. Adorable.

  • Giant Jenga by A Beautiful Mess. This is an amazing tutorial. I can not wait to make this. As soon as I have a place to have a cookout I will be breaking out the Giant Jenga. Also if you have not checked out their blog I highly recommend it.

  • Ball Gallon Jar, $19.99. I am obsessed with mason jars. This jar is huge! I love the idea of using this as a vase. One of my friends was proposed to over the weekend! While I'm not engaged it made me start pinning to my "For One Day.... I like to plan ahead" pinterest board. Having a couple of these mason jars on a table full of wild flowers sounds perfect to me.

  • The Mortal Instruments Series, I am having to take a break from this series because of school. However, I tore through the first three in a week. It was literally read one in a day and a half then start another one. I was in my own little world. I did see on Rotten Tomatoes that the movie does not look like it has went over well. Also read another review and it apparently does not follow the plot. Despite that I will probably be picking it up at Red Box or Amazon online. The books are awesome. A quick light read.

  • Harness 12r by Frye, $360. These are awesome I love the strap. I have some wonderful Frye boots that I bought myself after Christmas a few years ago. They have a little higher heel than this. I would love these for walking around campus.

I hope you enjoyed today's Things  I Love Thursday. I changed it up a little bit. Throwing in the tutorial by A Beautiful Mess and the Mortal Instrument series. In the future I want to make it more than just a wish list. It will be a mix of things that I currently love and am lusting after online. 

We are almost to Friday!!!!



  1. I just saw the mortal instruments trailer! I can't wait to see it, but I want to read the books first!

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  2. I am on the fourth TMI book now! It's taking me longer to get through and I don't find it as good as the first three, which were amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, but I don't know if I'll pay to see it on the big screen or just wait. With the cost of movies at theatres these days, I choose wisely. I'm a cheapskate! :)

  3. Ooh, will keep an eye out for those books! Might have to have a little lookey look on amazon :D


  4. Oh, I really want to read the Mortal Instrument series!

    S., The Hearabouts

  5. Big fan of Giant Jenga!

    Grace |