Friday, July 12, 2013

Office Inspiration

While looking for a house I have discovered that the majority of them I have found have 3 bedrooms. I think that this is a perfect number. It means that we of course have a bedroom and then Steve and I can both have our own offices. Ever since I saw the picture of Young House Love's office in their Second House Round up right before their move I have been enamored in planning an office ever since.

Just look at it isn't it bright and lovely. There are some elements that are not quite my style but I love the build-in looking desk and the placement of it. Such a bright happy room. I am guilty of having gotten almost all the way through college with doing my homework in my bed. I spread all of my papers across my bed and work that way. I even edit my pictures in bed. Well I do not think I will be able to do that when we have a place.

The thought of having a nice desk where I can have 2 screens set up, files organized, and massive amounts of shelving is exciting. I really want to have a daybed in my office too so it can be dual purpose for a guestroom too. Which I bet will turn into my best friend Alyssa's second home.

I have complied some inspiration for when (*hopefully) I have my own office space. I hope you can use the inspiration for your office.

Another great example of a built in desk. I love the basket an the plant. I think you always need a plant in a room. Whether it is a large plant like the one in the picture or a cute little terrarium.

I really like how this room has two desk. If Steve and I have to share an office this could work. But he would plaster 70's paneling all over his side. blah. 

That bay window is FABULOUS! I want to transfer this desk and window to where ever we go. And then take it with me to subsequent homes.

 I love how simple this daybed is. The duvet is great too.

If you have not noticed I lean towards classic furniture pieces and bright white wall. I do actually like color I promise. I am not opposed to colorful walls. I like how crisp walls make a great background for a gallery wall. Also by having classic neutral furniture I can play up bright colors with items that are more easily changed.

Do you have your own office?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  1. great post. I don't have my own office either and I usually end up doing all my work on my bed as well. its just a comfortable way to do all my work!

  2. Yes! Love that you have a room for me too!!!!


  3. That sound comfortable!!