Monday, July 8, 2013

My Vintage Camera Collection

I love film camera. There is something that is just different with a film photograph. I love my digital camera but the nostalgia of film get me every time. Some of my cameras I just use as decor and others I actually use. The majority of them I have bought at yard sales or markets. My Brownie Bullet was a gift from my best friend Alyssa for Christmas last year.

Kodak Brownie Bullet 1957-1964 & Kodak Brownie Hawkeye 1950-1961

 I love the style of the Hawkeye. Great looking camera. The vintage Kodaks are some of my favorites.

 The Olympus OM-10 made in 1979, is the film camera that I use most. The quality of this camera is great. The weight of it is so different from a modern day camera. Olympus actually has a new model called the OM- D E-M5 that is designed based on the OM-10.

 Then there is this odd ball. It is a Zenit -E and I actually found it at Steve's Uncles house and they let me have it. Zenit is a Russian brand and this model was made 1967 through 1969.

 I also have picked up a couple of Polariod cameras. The black one is a Polaroid One-Step 600 camera and Polaroid Amiogo 620. I actually have a couple of old packets of Polaroid Instant film. They are outdated of course so the film comes out all wonky but it looks cool to me. After I run out I am going to buy some of the Impossible Project film.

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Do you ever shoot film? Or do you collect old cameras?



  1. You have an amazing collection! I got really into film cameras and lomography a few years ago when I bought a Diana F+. I really wanted that saturated look, so shot in slide film and cross-processed. None of my photos ever turned out that great, though. I took it to New York one year and was so disappointed that the majority didn't turn out. I recently bought a DSLR, which is nice so that I can see the results. I still have a soft spot for real film, though. There's just something so romantic about not knowing exactly how the pictures will turn out until you develop them. Maybe I'll pick up my Diana again:) Hope you have a great day!

  2. Wow! Great collection! I'm only an amateur photographer without much in the name of camera quality, but my parents have a little stash of old cameras that take film somewhere. I actually asked them about it because of this post and I'm going to go digging around for them later.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Your color grading here looks gorgeous.

  3. What an amazing collection! I inherited 3 vintage cameras from my grandfather, loaded them with film, took a few shots and have yet to develop them sadly. Right now they are decorations on a bookcase.

  4. HOLY COW...what a collection! I am so jealous! The only time I shoot film is with my Fisheye camera. But I agree completely. Shooting with film is so different. The pictures are more grainy, but they're better! And you can't delete photos just because they look bad or someone isn't smiling perfect. They're more candid :)

    You're making me want to just go outside and take pictures!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  5. I've been quite a fan of the photos that my old Minolta takes - I'm actually super sad because the winding mechanism jammed halfway through a film of 24 photos. And it doesn't seem to be unjamming :( I love film, to the point that I even adore the photos taken with disposables! I'm a little bit sick of my digital to be honest.

    The little Brownie Bullet is such an adorable camera!


    1. I agree even the little disposable ones are fun to use too!


  6. Aaaah why would you make me so jealous! I have a super old brownie that we have to put film in while in the shoe cupboard with towels stuffed under blocking all light and its taped up with scotch tape... but jeepers I love it!



  7. This is so awesome, I'm so jealous!

  8. Neat little collection there!