Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Photoshoot Inspiration

My best friend Alyssa and I want to do a photo shoot soon. I did a shoot with her last fall and the pictures looked great. So the weather has been so nice outside we can not wait to do another one. I have some ideas for this one. I want an almost vintage/ picnic feel to it. This might be the first try of me staging with props. I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas. I wanted to share some of the ideas and see how y'all feel about them.

I love the hammock!
 I have some vintage sheets that would be perfect for this! I could hang them in the trees.

 I found this image at bash please! I love the laying of the pillows and the lights inside of the crates.

I found this image via Pinterest from Samantha Lamb.  I would love to get some shots of Alyssa with her favorite books. I think that it would add a neat element.

I can not wait until we are able to do the shoot!!!!


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