Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bahamas Spring Break Experience

The Bahamas were awesome! It has been a couple of weeks since I got back. The weather was beautiful when we got back home and then we slid back into winter it seems. However, the sun is out and it feels good outside today! So it reminded me to discuss my cruise.

I am not a huge partier. I do not drink excessively. I have a boyfriend that I have been with for 4 years now. So the crazyness of Spring Break does not really appeal to me. But being able to experience an out of the country trip with my best friend sounded awesome. I am so glad we went. The weather was beautiful. I do wish it had been warm enough to get in the water. Didn't quite think that through. But we did get in the water! It was like an ice bath though.
I was a little nervous about us being two 21 year old girls running around the Bahamas. I generally felt safe. It was only in Freeport when we took a taxi I was really nervous. But that went fine except for the obnoxious drunk people sitting behind us. Nassau was beautiful. I think that it was a great idea to do the Hilton day pass. It is cheaper than the Atlantis pass and you get food and a nice beach chair.

We went on the Carnival Sensation. It is an older ship. You have to definitely love the cheesy Vegas feeling when your on there.  I suggest not doing the anytime dining and do eat with strangers. It seems like they really do try to seat you with people your own age. Or for example if your going with a family they might sit you with another family. Our table was awesome! And I actually ended up having a common friend with a few of the other girls.
One of our portholes!

I hope you have either had a GREAT Spring Break or are going to have one! My parents are leaving with my little brother to go on a cruise for his spring break. I'm very jealous but I now only have a month left of school.


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