Monday, August 6, 2012

Thinking Ahead

Hey everyone!!!!! I decided a couple of days ago that I would box up some of my thrifty finds. I still live with my parents while in college. My school is around 30 minutes away from campus, even though I do have to leave an hour early in the mornings because of traffic and limited parking spots. I do this so that I can save money and not spend student loans on housing. So my space is pretty much limited to my bedroom and I have limited storage space. I have been piling up my thrifty finds under my bed and on the floor of my little closet. I decided that it is time to put things up giving me more room and there is a less chance of things getting broken.

I tend to collect vintage housewares like Pyrex, Fire king, and miscellaneous cute old things. I already have a Hope Chest full of some of my first finds. I looked it up on Wikipedia to see if "Hope Chest" is the universal term for this and apparently not so if your from the United Kingdom it might be considered your "bottom drawer" or from Australia a "glory box." If this is wrong its on Wiki! I know it says traditionally that it is for linen but I just put anything that I want for the future in mine. I have a Lane Cedar chest that was my great grandmothers. BUT it is full now so now I just have to put things in totes.

Alright so I am going to show some pictures of the things I boxed up. I am going to start doing thifty hauls so hopefully there will not be another post like this and i'll remember the prices plus other information on the pieces.

 I love mixing bowls!!! The first set is a pyrex set. Then in the second picture the blue bowl is a pyrex mixing bowl. The white bowl was un-marked but I think it went with a kitchen mixer.

This is in the running for deal of the year. It is a blue Fire King mixing bowl. I got this for $8! $8!!! These are $30 on Etsy. Now I just have to find the other two in the set.

 So I found these bird glasses at a Church Yard sale earlier this year. I probably did not pay more than $4 for all of them. LOVE church yard sales. I pulled out two of my favorites to show! I love the chickadee one because my Aunt calls me that sometimes. Then the gold finch was just visually my favorite with all of the yellow.

 These are just classic tumblers that I found at Pier 1 for a dollar each.
 I am in love with the vintage glasses with the printing on it!

 Found this neat appreciation dinner mug. It is for a politician. I googled Sam Nunn. Read the wiki. Besides that I do not know anything about him and his political views. I just thought the printing on the milk glass mug was cool.
 Finally this hand stitched table cloth. I got this at an estate sale on the last day when they were doing the anything in a bag for $5 sale. It is wonderful the amount of time that must have taken someone to do this is incredible. It does have some stains, it was well loved. But I think I will eventually take it to a dry cleaners and see if they might be able to fix it. The table cloth also came with 6 hand stitched napkins. Its glorious. I hope one day I can have this on my dining room table. I'm glad I found it!

I hope y'all enjoyed this!! Sorry it was so long! I am going to keep up with all of the finds I have and not have to do another post like this. Trying to make them Short and Sweet soon!

What are some of your thrifty finds???

Hope your having a good week!



  1. Those shot glasses are so cute haha!

    1. Lol they are actually normal size. That would be a BIGGGGGG shot lol.


  2. Those bird glasses - oh my goodness! So cute! Totally in awe of your thrifting skills - so impressed! :)

  3. oh my gosh, emily -- those are SO stinkin cute! i'm so jealous of those bird glasses! ha ha isn't it amazing what amazing things you find?? and i totally love estate sales -- once i went to one this summer i became addicted. ha ha!


  4. love the colors from the set of pyrex mixing bowls, and the vintage flower glasses are great! my husband is addicted to vintage glassware so I completely understand how hard it is to find room for all our finds! just think how much fun you will have when you get to bring all your treasures back out down the road :)

  5. I can't believe you found the blue Fire King Splash Proof for $8!!! I have two and I definitely did not pay $8 for them! Great find!