Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2 of Cruise

Alrighty guys! Here is my post on the 2nd day of my cruise. I've been trying to space them out because I do not want to overwhelm everyone with cruise info. I know some people would not be interested in cruising.

The second day aboard the ship was a ship day, meaning we did not dock anywhere and we were just cruising out in the middle of the ocean on our way to Half Moon Cay. We did actually pass Nassau on the way to Half Moon Cay and hit that on the way back.

So that morning we went and ate breakfast in the dining room we were assigned. We could have went to the lido deck and ate the breakfast buffet but we wanted to see what it would be like in the dinning room. It was wonderful! Great service and the food was so good. Plus they had grapefruit juice, I LOVE grapefruit juice. There was a waiter that walked around with pastries so we got one of those to hold us over until our food was ready. And it did not even take that long for our food to get there. I had an omelet with bacon. I learned after this morning that I could have ordered like an omelet, pancakes, and bacon. Pretty much anything on the menu in combination. I tried to eat a big breakfast because I didn't really go to the lido deck during the day besides lunch time.

After breakfast we went and laid out on the deck near the water slides. Something that I was really disappointed with was the size of the pool. For the amount of people on the boat the pool was super small and cramped with chairs around it. So we went to the water slide area. This was good so if we got too hot we could go run under the water park things and get wet. There were a lot of chairs set up here too. We had heard that there are crazy towel people that will lay out like 10 towels on chairs and then will leave. Now at least for Carnival if you leave your things on a chair for more than 30 minutes and your obviously not present they will take the things and put them in the towel hut for you to pick them up then. There are other people who need the chairs so this is understandable to me. So we laid out for a while and my dad and brother went down the water slides. I wish I had went down them this day because it rained on the other ship day, more on that later.

There was going to be an Art Auction on board. I am an Art History minor so I thought that this might be interesting. Also I was thinking that since this is a carnival ship that it would probably be like cheap little prints that I could bid $10 on and get. OH NO I WAS WRONG. Holy crap there were people spending thousands of dollars on pictures/paintings. Lots of Thomas Kinkade and they had some Peter Max. I was completely surprised. So I just sat and watched. There was nothing under $250. I did in fact win a drawing and got a picture frame and travel mug. Also if you go through the whole thing at the end you get a print of a painting.

The Promenade
One of the club/ lounges
The New Coffee Shop, kind of like the Starbucks on Board
One of the theaters
The Diamonds are Forever club. hehehe this one was so cheesy.
I decided that after the Auction that I wanted to explore the ship and take some pictures.  It was fairly easy to get around. And once you went around twice it is easy to remember where you are. Granted this ship is a smaller ship than most. The rest of the night was normal dinner. I dressed up a good bit for dinner. I love to dress up and I do not get the chance to do so often at home and I took advantage of that. After dinner we went and walked around outside and watched the stars.

This was my first time being on a ship in the middle of the ocean. I thought that I would be scared at first, I am a child of the Titanic movie era. I could feel some movement every now and then. We would be sitting at dinner and I could tell when we were rocking a bit. I did not take any moving sickness medicine the whole time though. I think that when your on the ship that it is really important to take some time to yourself. This is vacation! When I went on my walk around the ship I found a window and stopped to read my kindle and just relax. I think that if you have a balcony it would make this easier because you could just step outside and have alone time.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the 2nd day of my cruise and the pictures!!!

On a side note I love the Olympics. I totally cried when the U.S. won the Women Team Gymnastic medal!
Which events are you enjoying?


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