Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Race Weekend!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I have been working a lot and have had my finals. So far I have 1 A and 1 B so fingers crossed that my other two classes end up being A's! Besides working and finals I had a little break with my boyfriend. Last weekend I went to The Mitty at Road Atlanta.

Road Atlanta is a road racing track in Braselton, Ga they have races like The Mitty, Petite Le Mans and WERA motorcycle events. This year there were cars  IMSA Camel GT, SCCA Trans-Am, Can-Am, Formula One, CART and even NASCAR Winston Cup cars series. If you would like to find out more information about Road Atlanta I will link their site here. The Mitty is all about historic sports cars and this year there was a celebration of British cars tons of MG's and Triumphs!

A little history about my relationship and the Mitty. Steve and I have been every year since we have started dating. This past Mitty was our 4th! The even is the weekend before finals for me and the first couple of years that we went that used to freak me out and I would bring books for in the car. I have decided that I like to think of our relationship in "Mitties" because we have been together for a little over 3 years but we have been to 4 "Mitties" together.

Every year we camp out at the track. If you have never been there the track is over 750 acres and a majority of them are nice wooded areas.  It is such a great experience to camp out, even though the cars WILL wake you up in the morning. There are bathroom and shower facilities for guests to use. Warning though the bathrooms are like camping bathrooms if any dirt or bugs freak you out it might be best to find a hotel. There are stalls and sinks but there is only one shower stall in most of the bathrooms and the only protection is from a thin shower curtain. And NO hot/warm water. How I have dealt with the bathroom/shower issue in the past is to bring a bathing suit to jump into the shower, with flip flops on, and atleast wash my hair. My hair can not go more than 2 days with out being washed.  On to the fun things that come with the track! We always have a small camp fire, this year camp fires were banned because of a burn ban in the area, but my Uncle came and he brought a metal fire pit for us to use. Also HSR through great little events at night and there is a pop up bar that they always have.

Alright I will shut up now and show you some pictures!
View from the Pace car! We were able to ride in the car at the beginning of a race! So much fun!

I love this one it is a BMW 2002 tii

There is a fraction of my pictures I think I have over 300 from the weekend. I did take a video of the pace car ride and I will post that later. 

If you would like tips on what to pack for a camping trip or for a race weekend let me know!