Monday, February 1, 2016

Project 366: Day 32

Woohoo I have made it through a month! Today we were able to go to the Green Meadows Preserve for about 30 minutes after work to walk the trails. I can not wait until the time change and we have more daylight after I get home from work. It was right after the "sunset." The whole way home I felt like I was racing it trying to get home in time. While we still had a little bit of daylight it was not much. 

I love how Steve models for me without even knowing. The moment he realizes it he stops. He was actually freezing and that is why he had his hands in his pockets. 

Wondering off to see what old farm equipment is out in the overgrown area. 

Where have you been wondering off too? Please let me know! Also if you are doing a photography project this year please post your blog below I would love to check them out. 


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