Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vintage Haul

Hello Everyone!! I apologize for being gone for so long. I am learning as I get older that it is easier to get distracted by day to day life. I recently went out with my Grandmother on a yard sale day. Near where I live we do an Old 41 yard sale which is also called the Dixie Hwy yard sale. It goes for miles and you generally find a lot of good things. This year we started in Emerson and went to Adairsville. For those that want to go next year I highly suggest making it to at least Adairsville. There are a lot of people selling there. Here are the goodies that I found. 

 A Creamer and Sugar set by Fire King. I have never found Fire King in this pink color. If you know more about it please let me know!
 There was one vendor that had a basket full of old photographs. It always make me sad when I see old photos in a yard sale. I am slowly starting to collect them though.
  I believe this one is a tin type. If anyone knows differently please let me know! It is not in the best condition but I got it for $1. So I was not feeling to picky. I would love to start collecting tin types. This one especially intrigued me because it does not look to have been done in a studio. A lot of the older photographs I have seen like these are in a studio setting.Also I love how he is holding his pipe.

This little snap shot struck me. I love the angle and that everyone's back is turned. The women in their 50's clothes and hair. Then the military man walking in front of them with the old and palm trees in the background. Its just perfect to me. I want to think that this is in California or Hawaii.

 Portraits like these are not normally what I am drawn too but when I opened the little trifold envelop and saw the adorable faces I knew I could not leave this in the basket. 

 My $10 Polariod. This little guy is in pretty rough shape. Steve and I are going to work on trying to get it functional again.
 I love vintage planters. I have never bought one and this trip I actually bought 2! This little one I found in an antique shop on the way. It is pretty solidly built and said USA on the bottom. The USA appears to be written in the clay. I love the yellow.
This little planter got to me by the beautiful color combination and that it was a $1. It has been well loved. There is a crack in the back and a few chips. I do not think the crack will keep me from being able to use it though. It seems to be sealed. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my finds! Please let me know what you have been lucky in finding lately! Also if you have any information on the items that I found I would love to hear it. Be on the look out! I have an awesome announcement coming soon!



  1. Those planters are so bright and pretty- perfect for summer! I have a black thumb, so I'd have to make them something different than planters if I had found them. Haha! Love the pink sugar and creamer set too!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  2. Hi Emily!
    I am also a lover of vintage things and I'm thinking about starting posts showing of my thrift hauls :)
    I'd really love to know how you created that simple white backdrop! It really makes things look professional.

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