Friday, January 24, 2014

Home Wishlist

While we are still trying to figure out our living situation. Steve and I have decided that it is time to look at some rental houses in the Kennesaw/ Marietta area. We have went and looked at quite a few. There is one that is a possibility if we cannot find anything else that fits our needs and our roommates. Of course while looking at houses I cannot, not envision the furniture that I want to get. My style is a little strange. Generally, I have a love for the old, vintage, southern, mid-century and antique. Plus anything and everything en-between. A few living rooms I love here, here, and here.

1. LILL Sheer curtains, 1 pair, white $4.99: These wonderfully inexpensive sheers are going to be perfect for my bedroom project. I love the look with lights and sheers behind a bed. It is incredibly romantic. I am taking my inspiration from these two images (here and here). And for as inexpensive as they are I might buy a bunch the next time I am at Ikea for other random projects. 

2. Natural Burlap Drum Table Lamp Shade, $24.99: I really like the look of having different textures in a room. The burlap would warm up a room nicely. This is also one of those shades that when we find a house if there are horrible light fixtures I can pick up a light kit and hang easily. 

3.  I Belong With You Flour Sack Tea Towel, $10.00: Kitchen accessories get me. Whether it is a cup or bowl and now tea towels they are my weakness. I found this wonderful tea towel in person actually at a little shop on the Marietta Square. The name has slipped my mind but the idea of the store is that it is like a permanent continuation of the farmers market throughout the week. It is fantastic. I looked forever for this towel and finally decided to just search tea towel on Pinterest and behold it was the 10th image on the page. Check out the different products at FrenchSilver! There are adorable onesies (favorite) if you know someone with a little one! 

4. Aqua Quinn Bistro Clock, $23.99: I love the worn look and the color of this clock. Would look adorable in a little kitchen. 

5.  Jackson Right Sectional Sofa, $2,199.00: This sofa is amazing. Mid-century sofas are my favorite. I love the clean lines, color, and narrow legs. I never see myself spending this much money for a sofa. But this is a wishlist right? Everything else I have picked has been not that far from reach. This particular sofa might be but, the style is exactly what I want. 

6. Corner Store Record Rack, $59.00: Urban Outfitters has some awesome record storage. I like the simplicity of this one. Between Steve and I we might need like 4 or 5 of these though. But I like the idea of being able to see the records. 

7.VITTSJĂ– Shelving unit, $70.00: The size of this unit for the price is fantastic. It would be a lot of fun to style the shelves. Perfect for some of my vintage goodies like my cameras, books, and special Fireking dishes. While the black/brown with glass option is great the way it is there are some awesome hacks online like these here and here. I love the idea of replacing the glass with wood. 

What are some items you have been checking out recently for your home? Leave me a link below I would love to have some more ideas! 



  1. I would want the record rack, its very cute! Lovely blog!
    Zoha xx

  2. love that shelving unit - it's so clean and simple :) i've recently been looking at fabrics as we're planning to upholster our couch, but it's such a tough choice that i'm still undecided!

    rachel x

  3. I love them all...but the vintage style clock is super duper up my street! I love it...♥

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte